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    250 Credits (175,000 Keyword Results) - $0.79 Per Credit$197.00
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    75 Credits (52,500 Keyword Results) - $1.29 Per Credit$97.00
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    30 Credits (21,000 Keyword Results) - $1.57 Per Credit$47.00

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  • How Do Credits Work?
    Credits can be used to retrieve the Volume & CPC data (keyword results) for a group of keywords on any search engine including: Google, Google Local, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Question, Related & Similar, and Imports.
  • What Does 1 Credit Get?
    A single credit can be used to retrieve Volume & CPC data (keyword results) for up to 700 keywords!
  • What Are Keyword Results?
    Keyword Results are the number of keywords you will receive Volume & CPC metrics for based on the amount of credits you purchase.

    The calculations are as follows:

    - 1,500 credits x 700 keywords = 1,050,000 Results
    - 750 credits x 700 keywords = 525,000 Results
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  • 1xKeyword Supremacy - Credits$0

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